The dirty little secret about cordless vacuums.

The Dirty Little Secret About Cordless Vacuums

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum, it’s important to research your options so you don’t waste money on a product you won’t be happy with, or one you’ll be replacing in two years or less.  At Best Vac in St. Charles, owner Ron Vohs is happy to discuss the benefits and the negatives of different types of vacuums with his customers.  For those interested in a cordless vacuum, Vohs discourages them from going in that direction, and shares his “dirty little secret” about cordless machines.

According to Vohs, cordless vacuums don’t have the suction, the agitation, or the durability of corded products.  “Cordless technology hasn’t caught up with corded vacuums yet,” explained Vohs.  “Cordless vacuums will have no more than half the suction and performance of a corded product.  The agitation is also far less, and capacity is far less.  Cordless vacuums are not meant to vacuum 3,000 sq. ft homes with children and pets.”

Due to sluggish sales in the vacuum industry, some companies are falsely advertising cordless machines as a viable replacement for corded vacuums in order to create consumer demand and interest in purchasing a new vacuum.  “Cordless vacuums are meant to be a complementary product in addition to a full size, full-powered vacuum cleaner,” added Vohs.

Many cordless vacuums do not have the ability to have the battery changed, or else the cost of the battery is so high that the products just end up in a landfill, instead of being able to keep them running with a cost-effective battery replacement option.  In addition, cordless vacuums can be quite awkward.  “Many cordless units don’t stand up by themselves,” said Vohs.  “Many require mounting on a wall, or may need special storage and charging capabilities.”

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