Miele C3 Homecare Complete 5 Year Warranty

$999.99 – $1099.99*

HomeCare models are not sold online.

Call: 630-377-3539

Exclusive 5 Year Overall Warranty

Includes FREE Best Vac Service Plan

7 Reasons to shop at a Miele HomeCare Dealer

1. Feature enhanced products

2. Individualized, unrushed attention and service

3. Personalized consultation designed to ensure you select the best model for your needs

4. Well-stocked at all times

5. Clean well-appointed showrooms

6. Hands-on demonstrations

7. Professional, expert service after the sale

*display price may not reflect in store price.

Complete_C3_ Alize_Calima_Cat_Dog_HomeCare_Kona_Marin Manual

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