Deco Central Vacuum Complete System Small Homes

$829.99 $699.99

Deco 30 Motor Unit

  • 506 Airwatts
  • 5 Year Warranty 100%/5 Additional Years 50%
  • Bagged System

EBK 341 35' Electric Tool Set

  • Electric Driven Power Brush
  • 35' Hose
  • Full set of tools
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • For a healthy environment

    Dust, allergens and even odours are captured, and imprisoned for good.

  • For thorough cleaning

    Benefit from increased suction power to clean your whole house, from top to bottom.

  • For ease of use

    Just plug in the hose and pick the appropriate attachment and you are ready to clean!

  • For quiet and peaceful cleaning

    Quiet and installed outside of the cleaning area, you will be able to use it without the risk of waking up the baby or disturbing the entire household!

  • For a versatile vacuum system

  • For durability

    Made with the best components, including sturdy and durable motors, it comes with a 10 year** warranty, thus ensuring your peace of mind for numerous years!

    **5 Year warranty 100% Parts + 5 Additional Years 50% on parts, 2 Years on labor.  Installation sold separately.cent


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