Built in Vacuum Repair in Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, IL.

There is nothing standard about central vacuums. Motor units, hoses, and installation materials could all come from three different sources. And since central vacuums can last 20+ years it is likely something has been replaced or modified in that time frame.

Best Vac offers both in home and in store central vacuum repairs. It is recommended that portable items like carpet nozzles, hoses, and accessories be brought into our store for service. This will give you your best value. Many motor units or suction units are also designed to be taken off the wall and brought in for service. Utilizing our walk in service will save you trip charges to visit your home. Clogs or structural issues with the piping would require us to visit the home.

For service visit our showroom at 2015 Dean St. St. Charles, IL or call us at 630.377.3539.

Valve doors have changed over the years.

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