Miele Vacuum bags available locally to St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia residents.

Best Vac has been an authorized Miele dealer since 1985. We carry a large selection of genuine Miele vacuums bags and filters and we stock them in large quantities. Below are our most popular styles and configurations.

Miele GN, U, and FJM Bags 4 Pack Boxed – $18.99

Miele GN, U, and FJM Bags 4 Pack Bulk – $14.99

Miele GN and FJM Bags 32 Pack Bulk – $99.99

Performance packs that include 16 vacuum bags and a HEPA filter are also available for GN, U, and FJM bags.

Many of our bulk options are not available for sale online. Best Vac is conveniently located on the corner of Randall Rd. and Dean St. in St. Charles, IL.

Miele FJM Bags

Consumer alert: Not all genuine Miele bags are compatible with U.S. machines. When buying online DO NOT buy bags from sellers outside the United States. To ensure you get the correct bags and filters buy locally at Best Vac in St. Charles, IL.

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