VIP RAPID SERVICE:  Your vacuum goes to the front of the line and gets done faster.
DISCOUNTED LABOR RATES: Customers who purchase vacuums from Best Vac pay less for repair labor and services.
FREE PRODUCT ASSEMBLY AND DEMONSTRATION: Professional assembly and personal instruction.
14 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied return your vacuum for a full refund.
FREE WARRANTY REGISTRATION: We register your warranty for you so you do not have to hassle with filling out online forms or uploading receipts.
FREE VACUUM TECH SUPPORT: Basic troubleshooting, both in person and over the phone, available free of charge for our customers.
COMPLIMENTARY FOLLOW UP VACUUM TUTORIAL: Use your vacuum for a few weeks and then visit our store with questions and we'll answer them as well provide you with any needed tutorials.
EXCLUSIVE OFFERS: Best Vac vacuum customers get exclusive pricing, offers, and private sales not available to the general public.