Bagless Vs. Bagged

Best Vac was one of the original Dyson service centers in the Chicagoland area.  When the Dyson Ball design was introduced we noticed a decline in quality, performance, and capacity.  We could no longer support the product and cancelled our dealership.   However, we do service all Dyson Vacuums. Bagless vacuums are perceived as a more powerful, lower maintenance, and lower cost option to bagged vacuums.   This is false on all three points.
  • Bagless vacuums require more filters that need to be changed more frequently than bagged vacuums.
  • Bagless vacuums allow more fine dust and dirt to enter the motor and electric components requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance.
  • The capacity of a bagged vacuum can be as much as 20 times greater than a bagless vacuum.
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Moving a Cloud of Dust

The "Moving Dust Cloud" test performed by IBR Laboratories embodies an everyday habit adopted by most vacuum cleaner owners - emptying the contents of your vacuum cleaner into a trash bin within your home.  This test depicts how after one empties the debris from their vacuum cleaner into the trash, a harmful dust cloud travels back into the home.  The cloud is made up of all the dust, dirt and allergens in the air that we cannot see. In less than fifteen minutes, the harmful cloud reaches even far away bedrooms.   These findings just support what have have believed for years.   Bagless vacuums are not a good design.

Kitchen Test
Living Room Test
Living Room Test
Bedroom Test
Bedroom Test
All IBR Tests were commissioned at Miele's request. See complete results here.

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