Moving cloud of dust. Why bagless vacuums are bad for your health.

The “Moving Dust Cloud” test performed by IBR Laboratories embodies an everyday habit adopted by most vacuum cleaner owners – emptying the contents of your vacuum cleaner into a trash bin within your home.  This test depicts how after one empties the debris from their vacuum cleaner into the trash, a harmful dust cloud travels […]

Bagless vacuums are bad for your health!

An independent laboratory confirmed that on average, the leading bagless HEPA-filtered vacuum emitted over 175,900 lung-damaging particles per minute during the test. What you’re breathing in (fine particulate matter) has been linked to bad health effects such as including chronic bronchitis and premature death, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Bagless Vacuums are Not Hygienic and Diminish […]

Buying new Soft Carpeting? Check your vacuum before you buy.

Super soft carpeting has become very popular, but it comes with one huge problem. Your current vacuum cleaner might not be able to clean it. That’s right, after you shell out a significant amount of money for new carpeting, you might also need to spend more money for a new vacuum.  The carpet industry decided to make a […]