Miele HX1 Tri-Flex Buying Guide

www.shopbestvac.com Here is a quick and easy guide showing the differences between Miele HX1 Models. This is assuming you have already done your research and want to buy an HX1. Here are the differences. All current Miele HX1 models have the same suction, filtration, and approximate run time on one battery. HX1 Graphite Grey and […]

Best Vac in St. Charles is hiring.

Sales Associate: Best Vac Full Time Job Description 30 Hour Work Week outline 2021-2022 1. Opening and closing store 2. Assisting customers in showroom, on phone, via email on repairs, parts, and sales 3. Shipping out internet and phone orders 4. Management of online stores 5. Receiving, pricing, stocking product 6. Inventory control 7. Showroom […]

Scientists appeal to schools to choose HEPA air purifiers over ionizers.

Scientists appeal to schools to choose HEPA air purifiers over ionizers. May 12, 2021 In a bid to keep students and teachers safe, a number of scientists have come together to write an open letter to schools, asking them to beware of the electronic or ionizer air cleaners, currently being promoted as a solution for […]

Best Vac, St. Charles helping Kane County Schools during COVID-19

As children head back to school in Kane County amid Covid fears, it’s a stressful time for the whole family. And for families with asthmatic children, there is the added worry of the ‘September Asthma Spike’ to deal with too. According to the stats, the number of children admitted to hospital as a result of […]

3 Reasons to Consider the New Miele Tri-Flex Cordless Vacuum

3 Reasons to Consider the New Miele Tri-Flex Cordless Vacuum Miele, a German company in business for over 120 years, is known for its technological innovation and incredible reliability.  Miele has recently unveiled a new 3-in-1 cordless vacuum that offers amazing cleaning power and flexibility during this time when cleanliness and health are vital in […]

3 Reasons to Think Twice About Using a Bagless Vacuum

A bagless vacuum certainly offers convenience in several respects.  But Ron Vohs, an expert in the vacuum industry and owner of Best Vac in St. Charles, recommends purchasing a model that utilizes a bag in order to receive the best cleaning power and overall hygienic experience from your vacuum.  Here are 3 reasons to think […]

3 Reasons to Choose a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is an essential component of any home or office cleaning routine. While most people don’t have a need for a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner in their home, these specialized vacuums are a necessity in an office or business setting. If you work for or own a business, it’simportant to understand how a commercial vacuum can […]

3 Things to Know About Miele Vacuums

3 Things to Know About Miele Vacuums A vacuum cleaner is an absolute necessity for maintaining a clean and healthy home.  While less expensive versions are available, researching the advantages of a durable, efficient, and powerful unit can not be overstated.  A large number of lesser quality and lower priced vacuums end up in landfills […]

3 Reasons to Buy Products Made in the USA

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a horrible toll on American jobs over the past four months. One terrific way to support American jobs is to purchase items made in our country.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, “Made in USA” means that ‘all or virtually all’ of a product has been made in America.  All […]