Bagged Vacuums Soar in Popularity During Pandemic

Bagged Vacuums Soar in Popularity During Pandemic

With the current Covid-19 pandemic putting a huge spotlight on the quality of the air we breathe, bagged vacuum cleaners have soared in popularity.  “There’s been a big resurgence in bagged vacuum sales versus bagless,” explained Ron Vohs, owner of Best Vac in St. Charles.  “With everyone spending the last two to three months at home, people seem to be assessing the cleanliness of their home with a more critical eye.”

When you use a bagless vacuum, you’re being exposed to dust and dirt when you empty out the unit.  “Customers want better now,” added Vohs.  “For years, consumers have been choosing the convenience of not having to purchase vacuum cleaner bags, but now they realize the convenience is not worth their health.”

Inside a bag less vacuum

Vohs urges customers to replace their bagless vacuum with one that offers Hospital Grade Filtration.  “Bagless vacuums release dust, dander, and bacteria back into the air,” he said.  “Now, more than ever, people are understanding the importance of using bags.  We’ve been flooded with calls, emails, and customers coming in the store wanting to replace their bagless vacuum because they finally realize how gross they are.  We’ve been trying to educate consumers on the negatives of bagless vacuums for years, but it took a pandemic for most to consider switching.”

Bagless vacuums aren’t hygienic, and filtration, suction, and cleaning performance are all diminished without the use of a vacuum cleaner bag.  “Without a bag to hold the captured dirt and debris, the microfilters on bagless vacuums clog up and need to be replaced frequently,” said Vohs.  “Bagless vacuum microfilters are expensive and outweigh the relatively low cost of filter bags for a bagged vacuum.  A filter bag is a critical component of any high-performance vacuum.  By holding all the captured dirt, it helps the microfilters last longer and work more effectively.”

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