5 Things to know when purchasing a vacuum.

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum, there is no shortage of options to choose from.  What is surprising is the size of the market – over $4 billion in vacuum cleaners are purchased each year.  Interestingly, 44% of vacuum owners have purchased a new machine in the past two years, which indicates that a large number of  newer vacuums are sitting in landfills instead of a closet. The smart move is to purchase a high quality vacuum that will last you upwards of 15 years, and to buy it from a dealer who can service the product.  Here are 5 things to know when purchasing a vacuum.

1.  Cordless and Robot vacuums should not be your primary vacuum.  Cordless and Robotic vacuums are complementary products and work well with a good quality full size vacuum as your primary unit.

2.  Bags are better.  Despite all the bagless vacuums lining the big box store aisles most consumer magazines and vacuum service centers agree that bagged vacuums are better for filtration, maintenance, and longevity.

3.  Where you buy is just as important as what you buy.  Many major vacuum brands do not offer local service and many do not even make parts so their vacuums can be repaired.  Buy from a store that will service the product and they will know what can be fixed and what cannot.

4.  Beware of online reviews.  Some studies have shown that as many as 50% of online reviews are fake.  And legitimate reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Every house is different.  From the flooring and square footage to the number of kids and pets no one vacuum is a fit for every house  Go to a store that you can try before you buy.

5.  Know the answer to these questions before you start shopping.  Flooring types and how much of each? Kids? Pets? Square footage?  Do you have allergies? All important factors when buying a new vacuum.   

“We believe vacuums should be as durable and long-lasting as our customers’ other major appliances and that is what we specialize in.  It’s better to have one excellent vacuum for 10-15 years than to buy six or seven disposable vacuums during that time.” For more information, please contact:

Best Vac

2015 Dean St., Unit 3

St. Charles, IL  60174

Phone:  630-377-3539

Email:  info@shopbestvac.com


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