3 Ways to Support Local Businesses During the Current Pandemic Crisis

Many essential retail businesses, large and small, continue to work hard to help us get through the current pandemic crisis.  While the vast majority of online support and outreach seems to be directed towards restaurants, which are understandably struggling, it’s important to realize that there are additional small businesses in need of support from their communities.  Here are 3 ways you can support local businesses during the current pandemic crisis:

1.  Purchase items from local shops instead of from the big box stores.  “This is the single best thing you can do to help small businesses in your community,” explained Ron Vohs, owner of Best Vac in St. Charles.  “We are all having to adjust to this terrible situation, but small businesses need your help, too.  Our customers can order online and have items shipped, just like with larger establishments.  Not only will you have access to superior quality products, you can still get free shipping and other perks when you buy local.”

2.  Write an online review.  “This will get the word out when customers are satisfied with their purchases,” added Vohs.  “It helps when our customers share a Facebook post or “like” our page.  While most of the attention seems to be directed towards restaurants, which of course need  support, it’s important to remember that there are many other small, locally-run businesses that are also suffering because of the pandemic.”

3. Be flexible with your purchasing habits.  Even if you can’t visit and browse inside your favorite local shops in person, most small businesses have online storefronts.  Many, in addition to offering fast shipping, are also offering home delivery.  You’ll receive your products faster, and will be helping the local shops you love stay in business. 

For more information about ways to help your local small businesses, please contact:

Best Vac

2015 Dean St., Unit 3

St. Charles, IL  60174

Phone:  630-377-3539

Email:  info@shopbestvac.com


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