3 Ways to Reduce Allergens and Bacteria in Your Home

3 Ways to Reduce Allergens and Bacteria in Your Home

The spring and summer seasons are troublesome for those who suffer from allergies, and it can be difficult to keep allergens from entering your home.  Now that we are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s crucial to reduce not just the allergens, but also the dirt, debris, and bacteria in your home.  Proper vacuuming is a strong defense; here are 3 ways to reduce these unwanted pollutants in your home:

1.  Use a HEPA vacuum with a filter bag to collect as much dirt, debris, bacteria, and allergy-inducing irritants as possible.  “I urge customers to replace their bagless vacuum with one that offers Hospital Grade Filtration,” explained Ron Vohs, owner of Best Vac in St. Charles.  “A bagless vacuum can’t contain all the dust, dander, bacteria, and other pollutants that trigger allergies and that can cause respiratory issues for the occupants in a home.  The irritants get breathed in, potentially causing dangerous health issues.”  Vohs recommends avoiding vacuums that claim to be “HEPA type” or “HEPA like”, and to not trust “Allergy Certifications” that don’t have testing data or other verification to back up the claims.

2.  Vacuum the hard surfaces in your home instead of dusting with a rag and dusting spray.  “I recommend vacuuming – with a HEPA bagged vacuum, of course – carpeted and all hard surface floors, along with furniture, blinds, and decor,” added Vohs.  “Dusting mostly stirs the dust up into the air, while vacuuming traps and contains it.  Most good vacuums come with soft floor and dusting tools.  They’ll do such a good job, you won’t have to dust as frequently.”

3.  Place small air purifiers in each bedroom to clean the air and help improve your quality of sleep.  “Even if you don’t have allergies, air purifiers are terrific,” said Vohs.  “When you improve your sleep quality, you also improve your health and quality of life.”

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