3 Things People With Allergies Should Know About Vacuuming

Spring isn’t an easy time for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.  As trees bud out and flowers bloom, high levels of pollen become troublesome for allergy sufferers.  If you spend time outdoors, it creates opportunities for bringing allergens back into your home.  Indoors, there are other common triggers for allergy and asthma sufferers, including dirt, dust, household cleaners, paint products, cosmetics, and even fumes released by certain types of carpet.

Proper vacuuming is a good defense against these allergy triggers.  Here are 3 things people with allergies should know about vacuuming:

1.  Use a bagged HEPA vacuum.  “Bagless vacuums aren’t hygienic, and the filtration, suction, and cleaning performance are all diminished without the use of a vacuum cleaner bag,” said Ron Vohs, owner of Best Vac in St. Charles.  “Without a bag to hold the captured dirt and dust, the microfilters on bagless vacuums clog and need frequent replacement.  HEPA filters trap 99.97% of particles .3 microns or larger, but just because a vacuum has a HEPA filter doesn’t mean it’s a HEPA vacuum.”  Vohs encourages customers to avoid vacuums that claim to be “HEPA type” or “HEPA like”, and not to trust “Allergy Certifications” that don’t have testing or verification to back up the claims.

2.  Vacuum the hard surfaces in your home.  “Instead of dusting furniture, blinds, and objects like lamp shades with a rag and spray, which mostly just stirs up the dust, it’s better to use a vacuum attachment on these surfaces,” added Vohs.  “A HEPA vacuum will trap the particles inside the machine instead of stirring them up and spreading them around.”

3.  Vacuum your hard-surface floors.  “Just like with furniture and home decor items, it’s better to vacuum your hardwood, tile, and vinyl plank flooring,” said Vohs.  “Sweeping with a broom or dust mop also stirs particles into the air.”

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